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Qik-ads gives you the power to automate your advertising across multiple social media platforms without hiring a marketing agency to do so.


Your One-stop Ads Solution

Start building your ads and campaigns with Qik-ads. Reach the people that are looking for you through our highly targeted audiences. With Qik-ads, you’re always in the driver’s seat, and can easily pause or end campaigns that are not performing well. Qik-ads is integrated with all the leading advertising platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram. That means you can simultaneously get your ads displayed on multiple social media platforms with just a few clicks!



Why Qik-ads Over SMM Companies?

Easy On The Pocket

Digital agencies can charge a small fortune for doing something that can be done in minutes. With Qik-ads, you can run ads yourself without breaking your bank.

More Control

SMM companies control your whole advertising strategy.But with Qik-ads, you manage your strategy through easy-to-create ads and campaigns.

Save Time

It takes time for marketing agencies to sync with your business. With Qik-ads, you save the time of unnecessary communications by automating campaigns yourself.

No Hidden Costs

Qik-ads charges only 17% of your total advertising budget amount and eliminates for you, the risk of getting any hidden service charges in the end.

Access Results Anytime

Marketing agencies don’t always provide reporting and analytics. With Qik-ads, you can see how your campaigns are performing, anytime.

Easy To Use

Dealing with a marketing company can become frustrating. Qik-Ads, on the other hand, is fun and easy to use.

Our Story

No business can survive in today’s world without having an effective advertising strategy in place. But how can startups or small businesses afford to pay the hefty advertising costs when they don’t have the budget to do so?

Being business owners ourselves, we saw the difficulty small businesses face in getting their word out there. It led us to create an automated social media ads platform for businesses that can’t afford to spend thousands of pounds on advertisements.

Qik-ads, a UK based tech company, was founded on a belief that every business deserves to promote itself without emptying its bank account.

By using Qik-Ads, businesses can focus on doing what they do best, while the platform takes care of all their advertisement needs, without them going to a fortune-costing marketing agency.



Frequently Asked Questions

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There is no charge to join and be registered with Qik-Ads. Simply sign up here for free.

The minimum investment for a campaign is £5. For this amount, the client gets ad exposure on one platform for 1 day.



What People Say About Us

You Are in Good Hands

“I’m glad I found Qik-ads before going with a marketing agency. It does everything a fancy marketing company would do, and more — but at less cost.”

Owner, Small Business Accountancy


“Qik-ads made advertising for my startup so much easier! With just a few clicks, we were able to successfully run ads on different social media platforms.”

Startup Founder, Smart Energy Services


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