There is no charge to join and be registered with Qik-Ads. Simply sign up here for free.

The minimum investment for a campaign is £5. For this amount, the client gets ad exposure on one platform for 1 day.

If a campaign is greater than the £5 minimum, the ad will be put on several platforms and optimized to achieve the best return on investment (ROI). Usually campaigns that run more than 7 days are most effective, as the technology has enough time to learn about the ad and experiment with various placements and budget optimizations.

An “ad” is short for “advertisement”. An ad could be a magazine advertisement, billboard, radio announcement or tv commercial. In Qik-Ads, “ads” refer to online advertising. In this case, we are talking about Google Facebook and Instagram ads. An ad usually consists of a headline, a description, an image and a CTA (call-to-action e.g. “click here” or “sign up here”).

With Qik-Ads, you don’t need any background in marketing or design to place online advertising! Qik-Ads interface is simple and extremely intuitive.

While Qik-ads is available for every size of business, it was created with small and medium business owners in mind. We aim to increase your online visibility, even with small budgets.

You may not have a marketing department or on a retainer with an agency, but you can still make your business visible online. The smart technology strategizes and places the ads for you where it’s most effective. Whether it’s Google, Facebook or Instagram ads.

While good images are a part of what makes an ad successful, we have wonderful tool to crop images that will fit for ads so you can upload your images and see the preview instantly. This way you don’t have to delay in putting the spotlight on your business online.

Being an app that’s backed by machine learning, Qik-ads will automatically give you suggestions while you try to crawl your website, based on the information of the website you provide us. You will also be able to edit the preliminary version of your ad.

Here is how our pricing works: Qik-Ads charges 20% for service and credit card processing fee from the overall ad campaign budget that you allocate for paid ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram. Those charges comprise automated ad creation, placement across chosen/multiple platforms and continuous optimization of your ads.

Whether it’s Google, Facebook and Instagram, each platform has their own terms and conditions (T&C’s) that govern the type of ads allowed on their platforms. Our AI checks the ads thoroughly, before sending them to the selected platforms. Sometimes, due to last-minute changes on their policies that are beyond our control, the ad(s) could be rejected without any notification. Sometimes, it is simply a technical error, ranging from lost internet connection or an error on their platforms’ sides. Regardless, the ads only start running once we receives the platforms’ approval. You will receive a confirmation email once your ads start to run.

The remaining amount from your budget is returned to you at the end of the campaign date, if not spent in full. After the campaign ends, the refund will be executed within 24 hours. Please consult with your financial institution about the timing of the refund to be credited to your account.

At Qik-Ads, we’re  introducing new currencies support every month. Please send us a  request to support your currency. We will treat it as a priority and will accommodate your request.

We use Stripe Payment integration its an secured one and support major credit/debit cards

Please check if your card has sufficient funds in it, for the budget you’ve placed.

If a client decides to cancel a campaign prematurely, or if we were not able to spend the whole budget amount for the particular campaign and its settings (for instance, the targeted location was too small), the remaining amount will be refunded back to the client within the next few days. (Qik-Ads fee and partners revenue share part will be recalculated accordingly).

Send your questions to support@qik-ads.com. 27×7