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No business can survive in today’s world without having an effective advertising strategy in place. But how can startups or small businesses afford to pay the hefty advertising costs when they don’t have the budget to do so?

Being business owners ourselves, we saw the difficulty small businesses face in getting their word out there. It led us to create an automated social media ads platform for businesses that can’t afford to spend thousands of Pounds on advertisements.

Qik-ads, a UK based tech company, was founded on a belief that every business deserves to promote itself without emptying its bank account.

By using Qik-Ads, businesses can focus on doing what they do best, while the platform takes care of all their advertisement needs, without them going to a fortune-costing marketing agency.

Meet the Team

Our Talented Minds

Jane RichardsonProject manager

A chief technology officer and a member of the board of directors

Michael CooperArt director

A creative mind behind all design projects and a creative manager

Marie TurnerTechnical architect

An energetic software developer and the logic mind behind the code