The Role Of Google Ads In A Journey From Startup To A Brand

Online advertising is the easiest and trending way to propel the business. But when it comes to small businesses or startup, the advertising becomes more difficult. Why? Because when it’s a startup, your staff is small and your marketing budget is limited. So it becomes difficult to compete with established businesses.  

With the right online advertising strategies, a small business can drive sales, ROI, and leads. Google ads play an important role when it comes to marketing. To raise brand awareness and grow startup on a low budget, Google ad is considered as a modern technique.

Google Ads

Google Ads solution

Historically, Startup Business Advertising involves broadcasting a message to a large group of audiences, hoping to catch the attention of viewers. A decade before advertising means buying space in the local newspaper, yellow pages, a radio slot, and hoping to seek the attention of target audiences.  

Then comes Google ads, which are generally more cost-effective than buying a slot on TV, newspaper, or radio. Presenting ads on the social media platform allows you to target specific audiences only. It enables to send message to a selected group of people and measure how audiences respond to the advertising.

Since Google is the world’s most used search engine, even Google ads can be created on a limited budget. Below listed four techniques to develop the best Google ads for a small business:  


Create your Google Ads according to most popular and relevant keywords. For instance, if you are a travel agent, your target audience would search keywords like ‘best travelling agency’. It needs a professional hand to create the best ads on a limited budget. They help you to find keyword for the best results.


Google always assigns every keyword in your ad campaign a Quality Score. Which has a grade within 1 to 10, and it assesses how relevant your ads are for targeting audience searching for a keyword. The more relevant keywords used the much higher score you will get. And Google rewards with high ad ranking at a lower cost per click.


Searching for your target keywords is a primary step. To leave the impact on your target audience, creating video ads on Google is a cost-effective method. A video has a premium impression on target audiences. Using video ads on Google can put your brand in front of noncustomers and customers. 


Gmail ads are one of the powerful ways to compete. With Gmail ads, you can target your Google ads campaigns. Every people receiving your emails will get an option for a similar product offered by your brand.


Small businesses are always on the risk of loss. If you are a small business owner or have a startup, then you must be aware of the challenges to survive in the industry. Mostly startup companies or business does not have much money to invest in marketing, so Qik-ads is the right platform to rely on. It’s the best way to advertise or build your brand in a cost-effective manner, as you will create brand awareness at a low price. Qikads ensure that your ads reach to the interested people only.

What is The Importance of Facebook Ads For Small Businesses?

Do you have a local business? Are you wondering how to build a brand from startup?

Facebook is one of the best platforms to advertise startup businesses. As a small business owner, no doubt, you must have heard about all the reasons why social media the best platform to promote your startup business in the present scenario.

A business report says that in 2019, the U.S population’s 79% of people are active in social media. And the count of social media presence is only supposed to grow from now. So obviously, presenting on social media platform is important for the relevance and growth of the business.

However, with latest and emerging social media platforms out there now, it is hard to decide which is best for a startup business. While one trending social media platform essential for all business is Facebook. Its business-oriented specifications make it a fundamental tool for small businesses.

The earlier you discover how to benefit your company’s Facebook page, the promptly you will see a regular social media presence paying off. Below listed are the three reasons why Facebook is essential for startups:


There are 2.5 billion monthly active Facebook users; it’s the most popular platform.  

Facebook is the best place to introduce your business to the local market and connect with current and potential customers. More than 80% of people recorded finding new retail products they were interested in buying on Facebook. Further, the same people reported earning more than $75,000 every year. And it is because of connecting with the target audience.

Regardless of what your company does, it’s necessary to build brand awareness by engaging with your target audience. Research states that consumers make their buying decisions based off of human emotion. So that is why it is required to share your business mission, your products, and services.


When people search online, search engines provide relevant answers. And it establishes trust between your business and target audience. This ‘trust’ is known as SEO (search engine optimization). SEO help search engines to find your business when searching online.  


Facebook’s advertising is a useful method for reaching a specific type of customers. Facebook provides several ads choices, consisting click ads, video ads, and boosted posts. These ads can be created to target particular groups of people, including your ideal customers.

When users register on Facebook, they take all the information like gender, age, occupation, city, group affiliations, and interest too.

Facebook finds what people share, click, post, and engage with on their timelines. This helps Facebook to find a person’s interest, likes and dislikes. And small businesses can use Facebook to target and communicate customers.

Facebook is the best tool for the small business owners and one that you should frequently use if you want to make the most of your social media presence. Facebook ads, posts, and boosted material toward your target audience create a huge impact on your startup success and help you attain your audience with information they want to catch.

5 Key Benefits of Automated Advertising

Automated advertising is the automated process of buying digital media. Advertising platforms through traditional channels hold a prominent place in the consumer’s mind. Automated advertising is a style which cuts out the middlemen. When it comes to automated advertising in the digital advertising space, experts assumed that automating processes is going to affect the industry positively. The automated advertising by social media advertising platforms has 5 key benefits:


Automated advertising is less expensive, faster, and more efficient. Now advertising is not only the campaigns but social media advertising platform. With the modern advertising tool and digital marketing app, automated advertising has taken a boost. With traditional advertising, media inventory was bought and sold manually. The manual advertising process involves salesperson and makes human errors.  


The automated advertising is beneficial for audience reach. On average, there are 3.5 million people that access the internet on a daily basis. With the social media advertising platform, you can reach to the target audience. It is best to narrow down your target audience and increase the brand reach. This makes automated advertising software the first choice to include in your tech stack.


Real-time data measurement is a dream of every marketer or advertiser. Automated advertising purchases specific digital advertising space in real-time. Digital advertising can adjust accordingly for being more effective. Automated advertising helps advertisers to reach their audience a unique way and directly. You can create creative and audience-centric social media advertising platforms through advertising. In the earlier time, advertising tools such as print advertisement, billboards, publishing, and digital advertising, you have to wait for a long time to reach audiences. But with automated advertising don’t need to stay and wait until the end of the campaign.


The automated advertising is beneficial for transparency.  It can help you to cover many factors like browsing habits, consumer choice, and buying pattern. Unlike traditional advertising, automated advertising allows a high level of transparency. Advertisers can control and track the sites where their advertisements are reaching. And sometimes advertisers can view which consumers are looking at their ads. You never feel the lack of information when using automated advertising. But with traditional advertising, you can’t track the information to make your brand more effective. Marketers can’t get a layer of transparency with traditional advertising tools.


The automated advertising ensures that advertisers do not wait long to see the results. The automated advertising is a very efficient way to analyze the data in real-time. You can calculate the overall brand efficiency by measuring how the advertisement campaign is running. Automated advertising offers a budget-friendly and efficient campaign.  Furthermore, with constant monitoring, you can increase brand efficiency. You can track potential reach anytime for better and faster results.

These are a few benefits of automated advertising. The automated advertising is a cost-effective and most efficient process to make your brand or business visible. It allows advertisers to be flexible and buy digital ad space effortlessly. 

All You Need To Know About Automated Advertising

Automation is no longer the future- it’s here now. An average of 51% of companies currently uses marketing automation. We’ve seen some major changes in advertising and software automation since the past few years.

The automated advertising technology is faster and cheaper than traditional media buying. There are numerous factors that automation could bring to advertising platforms. But let’s begin with the basics.

Do you know what automated advertising means? It is the process in which your campaign will run on various platforms, and automated advertising automatically creates the ad formats for each platform with various software and tools.

It frees up your time which you can utilize on other vital tasks of yours. The campaign created by automated advertising continuously optimizes 24/7 on your behalf to ensure that you get better quality traffic every day without putting any effort by your side.  

The evolution of automation

Ad scheduling is one of the most basic forms of advertising automation, and Google, Bing and Facebook offer this feature on their platforms.

Social media advertising platforms such as Facebook, Bing and Google allows the user to control the date and time in which their ads are shown. Bing and Google also allow for bid adjustments based on specific days and times.

The two most common categories for automation methods are bid automation and content automation.

  • Bid Automation:

More than 70% of advertisers were using Google automated bidding strategies, and many of these are now available on Bing. Google ads automated bidding is the most popular type of bidding.

These bidding somehow used to increase the visibility of the site and to increase conversions while staying in control of your keyword bids.

  • Content Automation:

Content automation allows you to show your ads to the right audience. It includes responsive display ads which use your headlines, logos, images to generate your ads to show on Google display network automatically.

Another one is dynamic remarketing, which shows your ads to the audience who used your mobile app or visited your website and viewed any product or service on your site.

Leverages of marketing automated advertising on the social media platform:

  • It connects to your site visitor and presents the useful content right in front of them which makes it easier for them to find what they need.
  • Companies that use marketing automation have greater ROI, and they witness 53% higher conversion rates as compared to the one who doesn’t use automation. This leads to more customers for your business.
  • It saves your time because with the right automation software you don’t have to spend your valuable hours on managing your email lists, and publishing social media posts.
  • You can also free up your staff’s time when you replace repetitive manual work with automated campaigns, which help the team to concentrate on more creative tasks instead of working on repetitive tasks every day.

The Bottom Line

This is only the beginning of automation. Further improvement could bring more transparency and cost efficiency to advertisers and agencies. And we believe that automation software will transform the digital marketing industry.