The Role Of Google Ads In A Journey From Startup To A Brand

Online advertising is the easiest and trending way to propel the business. But when it comes to small businesses or startup, the advertising becomes more difficult. Why? Because when it’s a startup, your staff is small and your marketing budget is limited. So it becomes difficult to compete with established businesses.  

With the right online advertising strategies, a small business can drive sales, ROI, and leads. Google ads play an important role when it comes to marketing. To raise brand awareness and grow startup on a low budget, Google ad is considered as a modern technique.

Google Ads

Google Ads solution

Historically, Startup Business Advertising involves broadcasting a message to a large group of audiences, hoping to catch the attention of viewers. A decade before advertising means buying space in the local newspaper, yellow pages, a radio slot, and hoping to seek the attention of target audiences.  

Then comes Google ads, which are generally more cost-effective than buying a slot on TV, newspaper, or radio. Presenting ads on the social media platform allows you to target specific audiences only. It enables to send message to a selected group of people and measure how audiences respond to the advertising.

Since Google is the world’s most used search engine, even Google ads can be created on a limited budget. Below listed four techniques to develop the best Google ads for a small business:  


Create your Google Ads according to most popular and relevant keywords. For instance, if you are a travel agent, your target audience would search keywords like ‘best travelling agency’. It needs a professional hand to create the best ads on a limited budget. They help you to find keyword for the best results.


Google always assigns every keyword in your ad campaign a Quality Score. Which has a grade within 1 to 10, and it assesses how relevant your ads are for targeting audience searching for a keyword. The more relevant keywords used the much higher score you will get. And Google rewards with high ad ranking at a lower cost per click.


Searching for your target keywords is a primary step. To leave the impact on your target audience, creating video ads on Google is a cost-effective method. A video has a premium impression on target audiences. Using video ads on Google can put your brand in front of noncustomers and customers. 


Gmail ads are one of the powerful ways to compete. With Gmail ads, you can target your Google ads campaigns. Every people receiving your emails will get an option for a similar product offered by your brand.


Small businesses are always on the risk of loss. If you are a small business owner or have a startup, then you must be aware of the challenges to survive in the industry. Mostly startup companies or business does not have much money to invest in marketing, so Qik-ads is the right platform to rely on. It’s the best way to advertise or build your brand in a cost-effective manner, as you will create brand awareness at a low price. Qikads ensure that your ads reach to the interested people only.

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