All You Need To Know About Automated Advertising

automated advertising

Automation is no longer the future- it’s here now. An average of 51% of companies currently uses marketing automation. We’ve seen some major changes in advertising and software automation since the past few years.

The automated advertising technology is faster and cheaper than traditional media buying. There are numerous factors that automation could bring to advertising platforms. But let’s begin with the basics.

Do you know what automated advertising means? It is the process in which your campaign will run on various platforms, and automated advertising automatically creates the ad formats for each platform with various software and tools.

It frees up your time which you can utilize on other vital tasks of yours. The campaign created by automated advertising continuously optimizes 24/7 on your behalf to ensure that you get better quality traffic every day without putting any effort by your side.  

The evolution of automation

Ad scheduling is one of the most basic forms of advertising automation, and Google, Bing and Facebook offer this feature on their platforms.

Social media advertising platforms such as Facebook, Bing and Google allows the user to control the date and time in which their ads are shown. Bing and Google also allow for bid adjustments based on specific days and times.

The two most common categories for automation methods are bid automation and content automation.

  • Bid Automation:

More than 70% of advertisers were using Google automated bidding strategies, and many of these are now available on Bing. Google ads automated bidding is the most popular type of bidding.

These bidding somehow used to increase the visibility of the site and to increase conversions while staying in control of your keyword bids.

  • Content Automation:

Content automation allows you to show your ads to the right audience. It includes responsive display ads which use your headlines, logos, images to generate your ads to show on Google display network automatically.

Another one is dynamic remarketing, which shows your ads to the audience who used your mobile app or visited your website and viewed any product or service on your site.

Leverages of marketing automated advertising on the social media platform:

  • It connects to your site visitor and presents the useful content right in front of them which makes it easier for them to find what they need.
  • Companies that use marketing automation have greater ROI, and they witness 53% higher conversion rates as compared to the one who doesn’t use automation. This leads to more customers for your business.
  • It saves your time because with the right automation software you don’t have to spend your valuable hours on managing your email lists, and publishing social media posts.
  • You can also free up your staff’s time when you replace repetitive manual work with automated campaigns, which help the team to concentrate on more creative tasks instead of working on repetitive tasks every day.

The Bottom Line

This is only the beginning of automation. Further improvement could bring more transparency and cost efficiency to advertisers and agencies. And we believe that automation software will transform the digital marketing industry.

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